Recreating Scenes with Legos

Toby was stoked when his Back to the Future Lego set arrived in the mail. He immediately built the DeLorean and put it on display in our apartment.


I had just finished a very big job so naturally I was spending some quality time on the couch watching TV. At some point I looked over at the little DeLorean and thought it’d be cool to recreate some scenes from the movie with it. So I pulled out whatever I had in the office to make this work… here’s my ridiculous set up (a couple pieces of mat board, a lamp without a shade propped up on a block thing, and a book I haven’t read to flag the light a little):


First I shot this one (all just iphone pics)…


Brought it into Photoshop and finished it up…


Then I did the same thing with the scene from the parking lot in BTTF1. For this one I had to make a little video camera from extra Lego parts…


BTTFLEGO2So that was a fun little afternoon at home. It’s typically when I’m exhausted and need to rest that I’m hit with the urge to do things like this. Sometimes the urges only last a little while though – I could have done more but I went back to the couch and continued relaxing. All in all, a successful day.