BE NICE!: Xmas Card 2014

This year Toby and I were extremely busy all through December. I was working on a show for Adult Swim (the second installment of Dinner with Friends, with Brett Gelman and Friends – check out the first episode HERE) and Toby was slammed as usual at EVS. Somehow, though, we managed to squeeze in a Christmas card photoshoot.

Sketch of the card

The idea was kind of inspired by Toy Story – naughty kid tortures toys that are actually alive… Also it gave us a chance to celebrate some of the toys we’ve hung on to from our childhood (we’re both children of the 80’s). We made a simple living room set on the EVS stages using our Christmas decorations and random stuff left over from previous design jobs.

Living room set

Living room set

Living room setToby’s boss let us photograph his son as the little boy and we shot a plate with him. He did not know how to use a lighter so the flame was added in post. Pshh… kids these days…

Dylan pretends to hold G.I. TobyThen we got dressed up and shot us separately as the toys. I used my niece’s pageant queen halloween costume and my Fembot wig. We hung some cellophane in front of me to achieve the glare of the plastic box.Johanna behind the box plasticIt’s rare, but occasionally I laugh and have fun…. Having fun Quick lighting rig to create some glare on the plasticThen Toby exercised his core muscles and we shot him in his position. We went with an Army man figure for him because I had some military garb hanging around from a project I did costumes on a while back. G.I. Toby

I Photoshopped us in to place and painted us up with doll-like hinges and plastic skin. Also added some elements we, in our exhausted state, forgot – like the cut up Barbie hair on the floor, scissors, and hanging Gizmo. We FINALLY printed them out, signed them and got them into the mail a couple days before Christmas… Whew! Another one in the bag.

Final card